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This web site, 1stBlindDate.com is dedicated to persons who have never gone on a blind date or if they are experienced at blind dating.

To be precise, a blind date is technically the bringing together of two persons that have never previously met.

Often, blind dates are created by arrangements through a third and/or forth party to assist in putting two people together.

Many people associate a blind date with a nervous, awkward experience they are fearful of before they even meet the new person. Why? In this fast pace world, it is extremely difficult to find quality people to meet and date. Why not have friends, relatives, help you meet new people. Blind dates can be a good thing, not a tragedy.

The key to a blind date is the frame of mind you have when meeting of a new person. It does not mean you have to marry this new person on the first date.

Please understand that a blind date is not a blind marriage!

Blind dates can be excellent ways to meet new people and either build a new friendship or even more if your mutual interests develop in that direction.

If you go on a blind date and it only turns out to be a meeting of a potential new friend is that really a bad thing? No one has an over abundance of friends or associates and even if your true love is not found on a blind date, an increasing of friends and associates can be great for your personal and/or business life.


Usually blind dates start out with the following statements from a friend, relative, coworker:

“I know this person you should meet. I am sure you will hit it off.”

“You should meet my sister (brother), you two would be perfect for each other.”

"I have the perfect person to set you up with."

“There is a person you should date, let me set it up for you’”

“My cousin is coming into town this weekend, you should go out with them, I know you will like them.”

Unrealistic expectations and fear are usually the downfalls of a blind date. Be honest, are you the perfect catch for someone? Well maybe the person that is being set up for you on the blind date is not a perfect 10 either.

We all have pride and want the best for our self, but reality of the expectation is something that needs to be keep in check.  Keeping an open mind and not having unrealistic rules of expectations interfere with reality will go a long way to improving the blind date experience.

The worse that can happen on a blind date is you do not like the person after a period of time during the meeting and you go on with your life. There is a sports term that is appropriate here, No harm, no foul. With that said, we do not suggest you expose person information or facts that a non scrupulous person can use to invade your privacy at a later date. Keep your guard up until you are satisfied if a person is trustworthy to share private, intimate or sensitive information.


1stBlindDate.com will help you through the good and bad parts of a blind date. Click on the image below and enter the web site. What do you have to loose, this web site is free and you might learn more about blind dates and eventually meet that just right person of your dreams?

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